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Payments and Fintech Activity Interviewing

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As a past payments executive and now as a specialized payments and fintech recruiter, incorporating performance activity-based interviewing will drive more effective interviews. The traditional interviewing process of validating candidate accomplishments against position requirements and alignment of values with company culture are core to determining candidate fit, however it is also important to leverage activity-based interviewing as part of the interview process to ensure a great hire.

At its core, activity-based interviewing starts with distilling the work events, tasks and activities that drive high performing outcomes. Over the years as a payments leader building high performing teams and now as a fintech recruiter I have always challenged my hiring managers and clients to adopt this additional interviewing element to help drive better hiring outcomes.

For a sales role it could be presentation events achieved in the progression of the sales cycle, for customer service tickets resolved based on metrics, for product, road maps and GTM outcomes, bottom-line every position has events, activities and tasks that drive results. Taking the time to identify these performance related activities that are unique to your position requirements and evaluating candidate alignment with these activities will have an impact on fit assessment and help insure a great hire.

Since 1999 Group W Partners has specialized in payments and fintech executive placement for large, middle market and emerging payments and financial technology companies.

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