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7 Key Elements of a Successful Job Search

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As a past payments executive and now as a specialized fintech recruiter it has been my experience that having a targeted plan, focused execution and persistence will result in a successful job search. The following are some of the key steps that should be part of every job search.

Create a Plan: Identify the type of position, industry, and company culture you seek. Set goals for your job search, including how many applications sent and networking contacts you want to complete per week.

Social Media: Having a current professional profile on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook highlighting your experience and accomplishments will enhance your brand value to hiring organizations. A strong correlation exists between a profile highlighting specific experience and how it drives Boolean keyword search resulting in a job match and inquiry from hiring managers and recruiters.

Career Opportunities: Finding career opportunities to apply for should be driven by a multi-channel approach, channels to discover job opportunities should include:

· Job boards like LinkedIn, indeed, Ladders, CareerBuilder, Monster, Glassdoor, Google for Jobs.

· Company websites based on the industries you targeted in your job search plan.

· Niche job boards like Angel, Dice, Dribble, Snagajob and Craigslist.

· Professional associations and industry groups.

Networking: Identify and set goals to network with your peers, personal associates and recruiters that specialize in your targeted industries. Your outreach message should be specific and include asking the networking contact to act, including having an informal meeting, providing a referral or asking them provide guidance as a mentor on your search.

Research: Before applying or interviewing, research the company and align your experience to demonstrate your fit to the position requirements. Sources to research companies include company websites, CEO letter to shareholders in annual reports, Google Search, networking with peers and sites like TechCrunch.

Application Content: Using the insights, you gain from your company research and the job description customize your cover letter and resume to highlight your experience and brand based on the fit to the position, responsibilities, and company culture.

Interview: Focus on your experience fit and how it relates to your understanding of the position requirements and company culture. During the interview showcase your relevant experience, by communicating the situation, action you took and the outcome.

Making a career change under any circumstances can be stressful, so always take time to celebrate success in every step of the journey and good outcomes will happen.

Since 1999 Group W Partners has been a leading Fintech & Payments Executive Search firm, connecting today’s payments talent with tomorrow’s career opportunities.


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