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Must Have Competencies for a Payments Sales Leader

Sales Coaching

Are you looking to hire sales leaders who can drive your business forward?

When hiring Payments or Fintech sales leaders these three key competencies will help you build a strong and successful sales team.



Strong coaching inspires, empowers, and supports team members to achieve their potential, leading to increased productivity and success for the organization.


These are some of the core competencies that are crucial for effective sales coaches.


  • Collaborative: Strong sales coaches must be able to collaborate well with others.

  • Results-Oriented: A stellar sales coach must be results-oriented.

  • Able to Give Constructive Feedback: Coaches must master the art of delivering feedback.

Successful sales coaches in payments or financial technology organizations combine collaboration, strategic thinking, and a genuine desire to see their team thrive.


Accountability for others

Being accountable for others is an important competency for sales leaders. It creates a culture of ownership within the team.

Some of the core competencies that are crucial for effective accountability include.


  • Follow-through on Commitments: Accountability involves holding yourself and others responsible for meeting commitments. 

  • Ownership: Take personal responsibility for decisions, actions, and failures.

  • Feedback Loops: Regularly assess progress, learn from outcomes, and adjust as needed.

Accountability for a payments leader is about integrity, reliability, and actively contributing to a successful workplace.


Emotional intelligence

A Sales leader needs strong interpersonal skills and the ability to connect with others emotionally. They must understand and empathize with employees and customers to effectively communicate value and build relationships.

Some of the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence include:


  • Self-Awareness: Understand your own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and values. 

  • Self-Management: Being flexible and open to change. Adjust your approach based on circumstances.

  • Empathy: Understand others’ emotions and perspectives. Show compassion and active listening.

A balance of strengths across these competencies enhances a payments or fintech sales leaders' ability to build a successful and sustainable sales organization.

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