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Group W Partners Payments and Fintech Recruitment Services

Connecting leading fintech companies with high performing payments talent.

As former payments industry executives and experienced payments recruiters we operate with candidates as trusted advisors and partner with our clients to ensure the best leadership, marketing, sales, product and operations talent available is presented to our valued clients.

The Group W Partnership Advantage is delivered by our ability to understand, connect, and evaluate fit as trusted industry advisors leveraged by our proprietary database of the top payments and fintech executives.

We offer flexible recruiting approaches, aligning the structure to the placement needs.

  • Contingency: Fee per placement, best fit early tenure, junior positions. 

  • Contained: Engagement fee, ideal for Mid-level positions with specific requirements and niche vertical expertise.

  • Retained: Engagement fee, Submission fee and Placement, best fit for senior positions, with significant tenure, leadership and operations requirements.

For positions from mid-level to senior we work with our clients in a collaborative partnership approach, with dedicated partner resources in a Contained or Retained search structure. For more junior positions with limited requirements and tenure needs we offer our clients best practices consulting and sourcing on a Contingency basis.

Group W Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Could a GWP RPO be right for you? Studies have shown that recruitment process outsourcing offers a number of benefits including lower costs, a faster time to fill and a higher fill rate. With a high quality partner, RPO offers measurable business benefits, including the following advantages:

1.Improved quality of hire: With expertise in payments and fintech talent sourcing, recruitment process design, employment branding, reporting, and other specialized areas, a GWP RPO provides a better solution to source, attract, source, and engage quality talent for every role.

2.Cost reduction: RPO increases cost savings by reducing the need for expensive overhead, training, and consulting. Relying on Group W as an RPO partner, rather than outside staffing agencies, also helps to rein in high agency fees and recruiting costs.

3.Reduced time to hire: The longer a vacancy remains open, the greater the impact on your organization’s performance. Reducing time to fill is a key deliverable under an RPO model. Driving efficiencies in the recruitment process and developing superior talent attraction strategies delivers significant reductions in the time roles remain vacant, sometimes by as much as 80%.

4.Scalability: Recruitment process outsourcing lets you scale your recruitment efforts up and down effortlessly to evolve with shifting markets and business priorities. As the talent market becomes more competitive, or business priorities accelerate, an RPO partner can ramp up recruitment efforts rapidly to attract top talent quickly. Conversely, in the event of a downswing, RPO allows you to optimize your recruitment resources more easily.

Group W Partners Consulting Services

Helping clients achieve cultural fit and improve employee retention

As a partnership-based payments and fintech recruitment firm we understand the importance of cultural fit in the hiring process and its relationship to retaining top performing talent in your organization. Since 1999 we have been developing tools and a process to drive a more strategic cultural fit approach for our valued clients and now offer these best practices as a service to incorporate into your internal hiring process.

Our offerings include:

  • Candidate fit intake tool

  • Behavioral Interviewing and culture fit interview coaching

  • Personality profiling and position – organizational fit

Our consulting offerings are customized to the unique needs of your organization, with the goal of providing flexible tools that drive sustainable outcomes in your hiring strategy.

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