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Group W Partners Payments & Fintech Recruiting Services

Since 1999 Group W Partners Payments Recruitment has been a leading payments and financial technology executive search team partnering with candidates and market leading companies across the payments and related fintech ecosystems. Our services include executive search, career coaching and hiring best practices consulting.

Group W Partners Executive Search

Connecting today’s talent with tomorrow’s career opportunities.

As past industry veterans and experienced payments recruiters we operate with candidates as trusted advisors and partner with our clients to ensure the best leadership, marketing, sales, product and operations talent available is presented to our valued clients.

The Group W Partnership Advantage is delivered by our ability to understand, connect, and evaluate fit as trusted industry advisors and our peer network of over 50,000 payments and fintech executives.

We offer flexible recruiting approaches, aligning the structure to the placement needs.

  • Contingency: Fee per placement, best fit early tenure, junior positions. 

  • Contained: Engagement fee, ideal for Mid-level positions with specific requirements and niche vertical expertise.

  • Retained: Engagement fee, Submission fee and Placement, best fit for senior positions, with significant tenure, leadership and operations requirements.

For positions from mid-level to senior we work with our clients in a collaborative partnership approach, with dedicated partner resources in a Contained or Retained search structure. For more junior positions with limited requirements and tenure needs we offer our clients best practices consulting and sourcing on a Contingency basis.

Group W Partners Career Coaching

Coaching today's talent to achieve their career aspirations.

As senior executives and veteran recruiters we have years of practical experince and understand how to market, present and develop a career search strategy that will achieve your career goals.

Our approach is candidate centric, and we will only take on a coaching assignment after having a free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for your needs, after the initial consult we can determine best approach and offer:

Resume Writing

Early Stage Career : Custom updated resume, LinkedIn review, 1 round edits

Mid-Career : Custom updated resume, LinkedIn optimization, 2 rounds edits

Senior Executive : Custom updated resume, LinkedIn Optimization, 1 month unlimited edits  

Interview Coaching

Screening, Peer, Hiring Manger Interview Coaching : 60 minute sessions, GWP position fit grid, active listening, high gain questions, follow up communications.


If you are considering a career change, understanding employer needs, communicating fit and developing a strategy to demonstrate your unique brand are the keys to a successful outcome, for a consult for coaching services please contact us and provide a resume to

Group W Partners Consulting Services

Helping clients achieve cultural fit and improve employee retention

As a partnership-based payments and fintech recruitment firm we understand the importance of cultural fit in the hiring process and its relationship to retaining top performing talent in your organization. Since 1999 we have been developing tools and a process to drive a more strategic cultural fit approach for our valued clients and now offer these best practices as a service to incorporate into your internal hiring process.

Our offerings include:

  • Candidate fit intake tool

  • Behavioral Interviewing and culture fit interview coaching

  • Personality profiling and position – organizational fit

Our consulting offerings are customized to the unique needs of your organization, with the goal of providing flexible tools that drive sustainable outcomes in your hiring strategy.

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