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Are job postings and job descriptions different?


As someone with experience as a payments executive and currently as a fintech recruiter, I can affirm that job postings and job descriptions have distinct purposes. A job posting acts as an advertisement, highlighting the benefits of the company and the role to entice the reader. On the other hand, a job description provides detailed information about the responsibilities and qualifications required for the position.


Best practice dictates that a job description should begin with the internal position title, the company's mission, and detailed information on the responsibilities and requirements of the position. An effective job description avoids generic bullet points, instead providing specific details about the requirements that assist candidates and clients in determining the suitability of the position.


Once the job description is finalized, crafting a job posting that effectively sells the position becomes straightforward. A compelling job posting includes a company statement that conveys passion for the mission and offers insights into the company's value proposition, highlighting aspects such as years in operation, market leadership, or innovative solutions. It should also list responsibilities and requirements, with the top three or four presented as bullet points. Finally, always include details on compensation ranges, benefits, and work location—whether it's in-office, remote, or a hybrid arrangement.


Crafting a compelling job posting and a clear job description can enhance the candidate pipeline and streamline the assessment process, leading to better time-to-hire rates.

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