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Accelerating the Talent Pipeline

Based on a review of our candidate placements, the client engagement with candidate to hire metric averaged over 35 days. In today's highly competitive job market this key metric needs to be managed if you want to hire the best talent before your competitors do.

The following are some tips on ways you can win the race for top talent.

KPI: Establish, align and mange to a contact to hire key performance indicator.

Streamline: Create a hiring team, less is more, ideally, the most effective teams are composed of the

HR Partner, Hiring Manager, Key Stakeholder and a Peer.

Process: During the hiring kick off meeting, align on the key behavioral based interview questions and assign them to each member of the team to ask in every interview.

Communicate: Feedback from the members of the hiring team needs to be real time and specific, which will improve candidate pipeline management and accelerate the hiring decision.

Ultimately the road to hiring success will be unique to each organization, the key is to approach this mission critical need with a focus on quality, strategy and execution.

Since 1999 Group W Partners has been a leading Payments and Fintech Executive Search firm, connecting today’s talent with tomorrow’s opportunities.

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