Attributes of Successful Payments Executive Search Firms

If you are considering a Fintech recruiter partnership these are the attributes that all successful payments recruiters share.

Specialists: Industry expertise drives the recruiter’s ability to understand client fit and connect with the best passive talent.

Tenure: Third Party recruiters with stable long-term tenure have established trusted relationships with high performing industry talent.

Partnership: The recruiter relationship should be a partnership focused on an understanding of the client’s business model, direction and culture.

Goal Oriented: High performing recruiters understand Candidate fit, are expert at evaluation and will submit on average 3 to 5 candidates resulting in a placement.

Using a recruiting firm that meets the criteria above should be a strategic part of every companies hiring initiatives.

If you have a successful Third-Party Recruiter, trust them and their abilities to deliver the talent you need with the processes they have perfected.

Since 1999 Group W Partners has been a leading Payments, eCommerce and Fintech Executive Search firm

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